Welcome to the Rite of Passage Blog Tour

In August 2011, Jim McBride's book Rite of Passage: A Father's Blessing was released by Moody Publishers. In September 2011, fourteen accomplished bloggers shared their personal experiences with the rite of passage through this blog tour. We hope you find encouragement and challenge in the bloggers' stories as well as in McBride's book, as you strive to bless your own children in this journey. 

Thursday, September 15 - Ron Edmondson
Friday, September 16 - Dan Wolgemuth
Saturday, September 17 - Jay Payleitner
Monday, September 19 - Derwin L. Gray
Tuesday, September 20 - John Fuller
Wednesday, September 21 - Michael Catt
Thursday, September 22 - Michael Perkins
Friday, September 23 - Robert Gelinas
Saturday, September 24 - Harry H. Harrison
Monday, September 26 - Ken Kemp
Tuesday, September 27 - Rick Johnson
Wednesday, September 28 - Paul Coughlin
Thursday, September 29 - Tor Constantino
Friday, September 30 - Jim McBride

Rite of Passage Study Guide - Free Download!

To get a rite of passage going with your own children — or to simply spark dialog about the purpose, design and implementation of a rite of passage — we've created a Rite of Passage Study Guide for you to use and share. Download it below. Then, be sure to like our Facebook page and keep the conversation going!
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